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Cowpunk Origins

I know you are sayin there weren't no CowPunk in 1897, and you would be right, but that and 2 cents ain't gittin you no coffee. So here’s how it really went down…

Back in the 1980s Jesse and his Uncle Bobby Braintree was fixin to start a recording label to release the family music. But Jesse all of a sudden moved north to New England and began a music relationship with Peter Yarmouth who Black & Blue Records (a label known for scum rock punk and metal that has deviated into experimental projects too). After doin a few contributions to the label's compilation albums with Neil Hogg, Jesse was also performing country and rock covers with Buzz Hogg and others but they eventually went their different ways in 1989.

In 2008 Jesse ran into Neil Hogg at his cousin Peggy Lee’s weddin in Fort Worth and after a few jigs & jugs o moonshine they started talkin about the olden days and soon after they started writin & recordin again. These sessions led to the first two Jesse & The Hogg Brothers CDs that was released on Black & Blue Records. The relationship with Jesse and the band continued to 2021 until when Bobby Braintree got diagnosed and passed away and that unexpected news devastated the band and family. But, unknown to all was the news that Bobby had bought a defunct Tobacco Barn in Texas some years earlier, which was discovered by Bobby’s lawyer cousin Elias Braintree when filing some paperwork. The Tobacco Barn was an old run down place Bobby & his cousins used to play around when they was kids and it was once renowned for makin high quality cigars when it first opened in 1897. The building used to emit clouds of smoke so there weren’t many other structures nearby… In case you don't know the curing process for dark-fired tobacco, it requires the tobacco leaves to be subjected to smoke from a smoldering wood fire so it always smelt like the whole town was burnin and the local folk stayed away.

Upon Bobby’s passing this building in the middle of nowhere had sat unattended for a few years but the real surprise was all the work Bobby had been doing inside, which was creating a recordin studio! He had set up all the family’s old microphones, the old reel to reel players, lap steel, old drums and a bunch of old tweed Fender amplifiers. After the funeral Jesse brought a couple jugs of moonshine and a few pails of whitewash and he along with Peter Yarmouth, Elias, Neil and the rest of the Hogg Family hammered some new boards, swept & repainted the logo on the barn and they completed the recording studio! In 2021, in Bobby’s honor, they kicked off a new record label for Jesse & The Hogg Brothers called CowPunk Records.

The band already finished their first recordings in the barn and we are happy to announce the first official CowPunk Records release: “Love Cats” by Jesse & the Hogg Brothers!

And, here’s so much more to come….  so y’all keep checkin back!

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